Dating a gay scorpio man

Well, is that gonna be my curse? But believe it or not I like that feeling though. They are looking so perplexed 'cause their children cries when I'm looking at them even when I project a smile. The older ones are hiding behind their mother's back looking very scared. I like it when I see confused faces. Figuring out what is the problem but can not really come up with any answer. I can understand that Joel. Unfortunately, most of us Scorpios have that intimidating appearance even if we are genuinely smiling. I think sometimes our energy becomes overbearing.. The traits of a scorpio man is similar to that of a person with an INTJ personality type.

I am a scorpio man, but I was born in a cusp of because my birthday is on the 21st day of November.

Scorpio Man Personality Traits

I'm a pretty serious guy. I believe I am. It's very difficult to have these kind of traits on my back 'cause a lot of people are intimidated at me.

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They look down when I look at them. My infant nephews ages 3 to 5 years old cries out loud and shivers when I look at them even if I am smiling. I don't look like a monster either or some average Joe as a matter of fact. But why are they crying?

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Scorpios always hide their true emotions. Some times it is natural we usually don't express our emotions openly. Sometimes we just hide it so that we don't appear vulnerable.

Scorpio Man Traits and How He Shows Love

But nonetheless, we will have strong emotions. As long as he loves you, that is fine: Hi I'm a Gemini dealing with a Scorpio male and I really love him but sometimes I find myself getting really frustrated with him because I cannot figure him out he tells me he loves me but sometimes it seems like his emotions are somewhat with drawn as if he is trying to protect himself from me while I on the other hand I'm very open with my emotions,what do I do?

I just don't understand him. Trust me, every Scorpio male is typical in certain traits..

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  4. However different they are.. Do see for his jealous, obsessive, controlling nature.. Trust me, if he likes you even a bit, it will show some way even in minute ways.

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    Not really, he's complicated as it is so I don't know what will be unusual for him, but my cancer friend thinks he likes me. I don't know what he feels at all.

    Possibilities are that he may not have any special feelings. Have you noticed any other typical Scorpio male unusual behavior? Since you yourself are a Scorpio I hope you'll help me fighure this out I'm a Scorpio girl and I really like a Scorpio guy, it's definitely not an infatuation, it's been more than four years and my feelings have grown stronger ever since. I have told him about my feelings twice, the first time he said that we need to know each other we were acquaintances then and around six months after that I again told him I like him. I haven't got an answer still it's been two years.

    We had just stopped talking for some months both our Scorpio mood swings maybe and recently he began talking to me again, we don't get to see much of each other but out chats continue for hours though sometimes I feel he doesn't want to talk but we both give each other the 'hypnotic Scorpio gaze' very frequently. What's on his mind? True Sagi I can understand your feelings and I can empathize with it. There are two things a Scorpio will do anything for. Trust me, for most Scorpios of course, I am not talking about the insect types. I am talking about the regular Scorpios you and I come across , these are two things which are always on the top of the list.

    However, it can be sometime unfortunate that ambitions gain the upper hand and love takes a back seat. One needs to understand that Scorpio's ambitions are something that are pursued till they are achieved, and they always have a well thought out reason whether right or wrong reason is a different matter. And when those things happen, it feels that the other person involved has been betrayed. Something not easy to deal with, but has to be dealt with. I relentlessly pursued Mr Scorp. I was in awe of him, the 'idea' of him not knowing him relationship-wise at this stage.

    Oh and btw I'd known him for years prior to this but had fell out of touch. Initially he was hot and cold mainly cold. I was losing my mind over him.

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    All the while he had NO clue whatsoever of the effect of his behaviour was having on me. He continued to dangle the proverbial carrot and I was reeled in. Hypnotised some would even say well my judging friends anyway. Almost a year went on and we started to make real progress I thought. He told me he loved me, I told him too.

    I supported him when he was down, was always there for him at the drop of a hat. I made him the centre of my universe, cause of how much I genuinely cared for him. Any other man had NO chance in hell with me. I only had eyes for him! I really opened up to him about who I really was as a person, my intentions, my everything well almost, ha.

    He made me feel so loved every time I was with him sexually and otherwise. He made me feel amazing, beautiful and sexy. He had many issues, a few of them; concerning his baby mom and I know childhood issues which he's not ready to accept yet nor get help for. His bad experiences with former girlfriends emotionally messed him up. I was patient with him, more than I would have accepted off any other previous bf's. My Scorp had many ambitious goals and the talent to go with it but he never had any drive or motivation.

    I made him feel like he could do anything, achieve everything. I made a conscious effort not to patronise him or cut him with my bluntness. I slowly started noticing a pattern in his behaviour. How I wasn't top of his list. I wasn't a priority in his life. It hurt, bad! I noticed how he only ever made a real effort with me if and when he needed something, wanted some words of encouragement, money, a ride to his homies.