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If anything it is all a complex instead of reality. Basically, girls prefer masculine, classy and rich guys. Most Asian men I know are not. The only Asian guy I like is Kimura Takuya, but that's because he looks like a woman. A lot of guys on WSO sure have an Asian girl fetish. And the vast majority of attractive by society's standards Asian women will stick to dating within their own race, especially along the coasts where there is a significant Asian population and people there are more comfortable in their own skin. It's nature before nurture, most people will find good-looking members of their own race the most attractive.

Or maybe White men and Asian men have different tastes when it comes to Asian women. There is an element of truth to the stereotypes behind the White Men-Asian women relationships. Many not all Asian women in this relationship are obsessed with White Men in a dysfunctional rather than healthy way.

They are self-hating, they somehow feel rejected from Asian society and they have a sort of hatred for Asian men rather than a true like for White men. I have had friends dating them and have dated 2 of them myself. They repeatedly told me how much they hate Asian men and like White men the most.

That's an instant turn-off. I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for this, but for most of these relationships, at least one partner is unattractive. Many White men either have yellow fever, or they settle for the Asian women when they can't get a good White women. Personally, I don't find Asian women attractive.

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They are short, and they have no chest and no ass. The average Asian women may be close to the average White women in terms of looks, but the standard deviation for White women is much higher. There will be a lot of obese chicks which bring the average down due to the diet , but I'll take the most beautiful White women over the most beautiful Asian women any day. There is a reason why most actresses and models are White, whereas the Asian representatives are the likes of Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh.

Latina chicks are hot too Yes they are at the bottom, shorter, less masculine, small tools etc good luck scoring a beyonce being asian. Don't knock Starcraft. It is the national sport of South Korea and features among its most accomplished professional players such stunning female fatale as this young lady:. Forget the PC, you know what I mean. In which case, yes, probably.

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But you can always change your own specific circumstances. I mean, I know a short Asian from Malaysia bro who frequently gets with hot girls - white, black, etc. I dont think the issue is with ethnicity, but culture. Asian cultures are strick, with a lot of parental control and influence. You do an your told, etc. Having this mentality is tough when you need to hit on women, spit game, etc. In the US, being assertive and independent is encouraged. Skills that you need when seeking a partner. So a Chinese kid raised in the US might do much better than one raised in China. I've seen a lot of FOB's struggle when it comes to hunting.

It just depends on what you're used to. I've been to countries where I night as well stay home and play statecraft because aggression really isn't really going to get you anywhere. They're usually quiet and obedient. So to get hot girls in their own places is easy as similar, but if they come here then shy or not, she'll be attracted to a white boy with confidence.

I'm still confused. There is a transvestite game player that people are finding attractive? Chick looked like a man when I first saw her. I suppose I should be relieved to find out she is in fact a dude. I tried to give brandon st randy the benefit of the doubt and thought, "well i'm sure he doesn't know she's transgender. He then tries to turn the tables on me by spouting some nonsense. Man, I'm pretty damm confident that brandon st randy is a short geeky East Asian FOB who wears thick glasses and speaks with a thick accent.

Nothing else can explain this. Some of you guys really need to be more open-minded and get on with the program.

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Even the supreme court has affirmed gender equality. Homophobia will not get you far in this day and age. I think that the ultimate and final conclusion from this discussion is that east Asian males have no chance with white US women unless they were raised in the US to be cocky Americans who can throw game.

It may be because of their native culture, media portrayal, their height or those shifty eyes, but a transgender gaming geek lights the fire in some people's groins. Holy shit! She's a transgender? But we shouldn't be too quick to judge Brandon. Many people have weird fetishes. I mean some people like chubby chicks, some like anorexic chicks. Not to mention, many people here have an asian girl fetish, which makes absolutely no sense to me. I mean, who would want to date someone with the body of a prepubescent boy?

Let's put this thread to rest.

In conclusion, American born Asians have no problems getting women, no matter what race. FOB Asians, on the other hand, are at a disadvantage if they don't adapt and integrate into American culture. But they can pair up with FOB Asian women, who generally don't like guys outside their race unless they are too unattractive and want to marry up for 'social status'. If you want to discuss something, discuss this: Has anyone ever managed to get a threesome with twins?

That's the dream. Filipinos, male or female, have swag. At targets it is multiplied. That said if the pinoy is 5'8" and the Jessica Alba clone is 5'10" or taller it's game over 10 out of 10 times.

Why would banging twins be a dream? It's like ordering two steaks for dinner. Mom and daughter would be far more epic.

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Probably because the chances of finding twins are low? It's like striking the lottery. I'm not really into older women. How about sisters then? That's like having a steak and rack of lamb. This thread just cracks me up haha. Even gay dudes would think that manchick playing nerdcraft is haggard. I'm pretty sure brandon st randy is gay or transgender. Have you ever seen a straight man only loves female prostitutes, not any other types of woman?

Jewish girls will bang anything, but only date Jewish guys. I suppose if you like stuck up chick's you better convert. Indian and middle eastern women haven't been brain washed by the American PC gestapo yet and usually only date their own race or educated white guys. I personally have a theory that educated ethnic women love culturally sensitive and educated white guys. So the key is to know your shit, be smart and have a god job. And the you can date and slay all the super educated smoke shows. Miss America went to fucking Michigan and studied neuroscience or some shit.

Compare that to the rest of Miss American contestants that studied gym class or something and have a noticeable whistling sound coming from their ears whenever the wind blows.

In my view, there are basically three categories:. Yah, agree. But the further diluted you get the more chappy western culture invades. Plenty of bimbod out Indian chick's that get influenced by American culture. Might as well date a tanned white chick then.