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You may be very good looking, which will definitely help with attracting a man men are genetically programmed to be primarily visually stimulated by a potential partner , but eventually it gets very tiring to be around someone like that. Trust me, I know this because I used to be that person with the big ego, and many times I didn't even know I was doing it.

These are honest questions and I'm interested to hear what you think. How do British women feel about dating Eastern Europeans? Why are many people racist to Eastern Europeans in the UK? Answered Jan 3, Maybe you should try to find out first if your origin is the actual reason of getting dumped, before getting all cynical and defensive.

Go out there, feed some beers to some blokes in a bar and ask them upfront. I would be surprised if your origin would be the reason of the way in which you are treated. Many gay men get cynical due to how the gay scene works. You might reconsider the pond you visit for fishing; bars and clubs are not the best way to find a long term partner for a gay man. Enter a world of mysticism and magic. Create an enchanted elven kingdom or a mighty human empire in this fantasy city game. Enter Elvenar. Your account has been blocked for contravening the community guidelines.

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Steve Coogan. Daniel makes a date to see Marek the next day, but he gets a lot more than he expected when the entire band shows up and basically takes everything of value. He doesn't dare try to stop them, nor does he call the police afterwards. Strangely enough, however, Malek returns a few days later and they begin to see each other for sex on a regular basis.

Little by little, the film becomes a discussion on love, trust and loyalty, not to mention a realistic portrayal of the problems faced by a lot of illegal immigrants trying to eke out a living in Paris through whatever means possible. The film is well paced, although a touch slow at the beginning, and the tension continues to mount until near the end when it becomes almost unbearable. The main problem with the film is that it occasionally lacks credibility for some of the characters' motivations.

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Why doesn't Daniel originally call the cops to report the theft of his things? More important, how does Daniel know where to find Marek when he goes looking for him? This is a major problem as it is not explained at all, and even worse, when Boss returns to Daniel's apartment, the surprise that awaits him makes no sense at all as it would have been impossible to prepare in advance.

I am being vague on purpose here. These are major errors in scriptwriting, but do not really take away from the emotional truths that the film is based upon. So it is a very good little film in its basic premises, but flawed somewhat in its execution. Nevertheless these flaws will not stop people from enjoying it on many levels, and it is definitely worth seeing.

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Pretty weird flick Olivier Rabourdin is "Daniel", who thinks he has picked up a hustler at the train station; instead, things go from weird to weirder. The person who shows up at his door is NOT the person he thinks he hired, and when a whole group of eastern block people show up, things go south quickly. Daniil Vorobyov is "Boss", the chiseled, muscle-y leader of the pack, who runs the show.

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Then Daniel sees Marek, the guy who lured him into this whole mess Kirill Emelyanov , and they strike up an odd relationship. The last two thirds of the film is mostly about their relationship, which has its ups and downs. Written and directed by Robin Campillo, whose other works are related to gangs or different social classes and the issues that come with that.

Not much info on any of these actors in IMDb. While this film is a bit off-beat, it's certainly entertaining, and one of the few films where I was not able to guess what comes next. Illegal immigrants from the former Soviet Union come to major European cities where they eke out an existence as grifters. In this compelling drama from former editor turned director Robin Campillo The Returned, etc , a group of young former Russian youths linger around the main Paris railway station, looking for potential victims. In particular, they prey on middle aged gay men, using good looking youths to lure the men into a trap.

One such victim is Muller Olivier Rabourdin, from Taken 2, etc , a well dressed businessman who catches the eye of the handsome youth Marek Kirill Emelyanov. He invites Marek back to his lavishly furnished apartment, but is surprised when a gang of thugs turn up, who party hard while systematically looting the place. And of course Muller can't go to the police, which is what the gang count on.

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Shortly afterwards, Marek turns up alone, and a relationship begins between the two. Marek tries to keep the relationship a secret from his gang. Eventually Muller develops a more paternal concern for Marek and convinces him to leave the gang and start a new life. Which is when the situation grows more intense and dangerous. An exploration of gay male sexuality, xenophobia, and the immigration problems plaguing Europe in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Eastern Boys begins slowly and undergoes a number of tonal shifts.

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  • There is an extraordinary sequence in which the gang strips Muller's apartment while throbbing disco music pounds on the soundtrack. But Campillo ratchets up the tension and suspense as the film moves towards its climax, which is quite gripping and claustrophobic. The moderately explicit sex scenes are handled delicately. Campillo uses long takes to develop the narrative tension.

    The two central performances are also solid. Rabourdin looks like a Gallic Kevin Spacey with his perpetually downbeat and gloomy expression, while Emelyanov is sympathetic as the naive and vulnerable Marek. There is a wonderful chemistry between the pair and the audience cares about their relationship. And Danil Vorobyev is quite menacing and chilling as the gang's psychopathic leader, simply addressed as "boss".